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Group mini/intro., sessions

Come to the sanctuary to find out what Rainbow Warrior Tree Medicine is all about and to get a taste of the energy!  OR,  we can meet at a locale convenient to your group!

Private healing sessions

With the utmost discretion and privacy, private healing sessions  can constitute connecting in the healing space or in the forest connecting with the trees, there are many many ways to connect with this medicine; we'll find a way suitable for you. Some instances that Rainbow Warrior Tree Medicine has helped with; elimination, pain, mobility, clarity, depression, toxicity, life purpose, career moves, emotional support, life transitions. 

Chakra healing vortex

A very powerful way to connect to the medicine, the vortex was co-created  according to a  chakra  design by the trees, entailing ten additional points to the traditional seven.

Mobile and distance

If you can't be physically present but want to partake of what the medicine has to offer that's okay!  You can receive ALL the benefits of the medicine at a distance, anywhere in the world; to date, Rainbow Warrior Tree Medicine has successfully delivered to: USA, UK, Australia, Africa, and within Canada.

Property/spaces clearings & blessings

The medicine not only encompasses healing for humans but land and buildings too!  Maybe you want to have your land blessed before planting crops/cleared because of poorly growing crops, toxicities, invite more joy and abundance to spaces/buildings/structures.

Aura readings and clearings

Would you like to be privy to insights about what your aura is saying to you?  OR lighten your aura with a clearing;  encompassing interstellar energy, the medicine lightens the load.

Acupoint feather therapy

Using feathers like an acupuncturist would needles, Sharon's intuitive sense of trapped toxic energies are released through feather 'points.'  The resulting release is followed by bringing in  light through the feathery tips, completing the toxic release.

Five-pointed Interstellar Spiral Star Energy Light Code activations

Connected to five-pointed interstellar spiral star energies Sharon's medicine can get you unstuck and moving forward on your chosen path.

​5-pointed Star Energy Medicine

Please see the following page for details.

5-pointed Star Energy medicine

What is  5-pointed Star Energy medicine?

Picture a standing tree with it's branches reaching skyward; consider the skyward branches the 'upper realms.'  Now picture a single branch and notice how many times it branches off into other branches; consider each one of these 'branches', 'channels.'  5-pointed Star Energy medicine comes IN, much like music comes into your radio, on waves, to the upper realms of a tree, in through it's channels and is converted to 'language' that Sharon then 'translates' to you.  This 'wave' or 'vibration,' when channeled down through a tree/trees for a specific person or cause 'speaks' to them, through Sharon, her rendition of 'channeling.'

Who can benefit from 5-pointed Star Energy medicine?

If you suffer from various forms of past or present trauma, anxiety, stress, addictions, physical ailments; maybe you are looking for more joy in your life, specific direction, or just want to experience an overall feeling of well being, then 5-pointed Star Energy medicine might be for you.

How do I receive 5-pointed Star Energy medicine?

Like a tree, who has the ability to channel energy from the upper realms, Sharon is able to tap into this same energy through her deep connection to the trees.  She uses various tools to do this; her hands, feathers, metals, water, stones, crystals, leaves, plants, and many others.

Can I enhance my own health practice/medicines with 5-pointed Star Energy medicine?

Yes, holistic practitioners can enhance their present whole health healing ways with 5-pointed Star Energy medicine.  Similarly, Sharon can open pathways that can lead you to your own medicine/healing modality.

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