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How do I choose a tree to connect to?

As with anyone/anything, if you approach with respect, it is usually returned; Trees are no different.  In this way, they are just like people!  Some you will resonate with and some you will not - that is okay!  This awareness is a good place to start in choosing your tree.  Everywhere, all over the world, there are trees!  Even cities have trees.  Look at all the power we have to tap into!

As you take a walk into the forest or along the street or maybe in your own backyard, you will notice certain trees that will 'catch your eye'; these are the trees that are calling to you/the ones you are resonating with.  You might find you are drawn by a certain height of a tree, or its bark, or the way it sways in the wind, the way the leaves rustle in a breeze, the color of the bark or leaves, the way it is leaning, or how straight it is.  Whatever feature that you find striking might be the tree calling to you.  Similarly, those trees that you are not drawn to you may not notice at all, or are hesitant to approach.  Just because they are trees does not mean they are a good match for you to connect to.  Similarly, you might be so compelled that you run to a particular tree, knowing right away this is the tree for you to connect to.

Once you have chosen your tree you might want to spruce the area up a bit; like clearing away fallen branches, garbage, etc.  Find your 'comfort' place at your tree; there may be a particular side (North/South/East/West) that you are more comfortable with.  Walk around it until you find the side of the tree that feels the best.  Now place your hands on your tree; in doing this, also find the 'comfort' place on your tree, you may have to move your hands in many different areas on the tree in order to find this as some areas may not feel as good as others; you may find you like it better with the right hand on the trunk of the tree and the left on a branch; congratulations! You have just found the outlet!!!

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